We had a lot of fun recording this episode as you can probably tell. Apologies from Mat for being a bit mumbly, as he was sat in the room where the recording was happening, there's no excuse. He will try better next time!

Trudie Jaye 

Trudie is one of the hosts of the wonderful and super useful if you are or want to get into self publishing SPA Girls Podcast. Available on all good apps. Subscribe to it already!

We talked a lot about: 

20 Books to 50K

Craig Martell

Romance Writers of New Zealand, and of course SpecFicNZ

Your hosts:

Kura Carpenter

Nix Whittaker

Mathew Danaher (who also does the recording, producing, and editing). 

If you would like to be interviewed or otherwise get involved - get in touch: podcast@specfic.nz 

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